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Datalink Excel Collector helps increase your productivity and member satisfaction by making data reporting easier

Custom Excel Templates

Design your own Excel templates.
Datalink will automatically create the database you need.

Data Entry Choices

With your templates loaded, you can either upload your Excel file or key your data right into Datalink directly.

Easy to Access Data

With all your data digitized, you and your users can access your data from anywhere.

Customized Look

Datalink can be customized to look like a part of your website.

Safe + Secure

Encrypted at rest and in transit, your data will always stay your data.

Hosting Options

Let us take on hosting for you by putting your data into Microsoft Azure. Need to host yourself? No problem.

Simple Tiers

Tiers for every size of company


Just the basics, but affordable for even the smallest companies.

All the login accounts you need
Collect Data for 1-10 Member Companies
Up to 3 Surveys Templates
Basic Reporting
Shared server Azure hosting
Always Safe and Secure
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Our standard offering. Plenty of everything.

All the login accounts you need
Collect Data for 11-1,000 Member Companies
Up to 100 Survey Templates
White Labeled / Customized Appearance
Advanced Reporting and Analysis
Dedicated Azure hosting
Always Safe and Secure
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Enterprise / Government

For those with unique requirements. Call us for a quote!

All the login accounts you need
Collect Data for 1,000+ Member Companies
Unlimited Surveys
White Labeled / Customized Appearance
Dedicated Azure hosting or self-hosting
Advanced Reporting
PowerBI Dashboards
Always Safe and Secure
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A single provider for a breadth of services, all integrated under a single umbrella

We design, build and support custom web applications to meet your specific needs
  • Tailored Solutions: Crafting bespoke web applications precisely aligned with your unique business requirements.
  • Agile Development: Adopting an agile methodology to ensure flexibility and adaptability throughout development.
  • Robust Security: Prioritizing the security of your web applications to protect your data and your users' privacy.
  • Scalability and Performance: Building applications that can grow with your business.
We perform data collection and reporting on behalf of your organization
  • Compliance: Meet regulatory and contract requirements by reporting to required organizations.
  • Visibility: Improve business performance visibility to your organization and its members.
  • Member Value: Creating value for your members by measuring sales, production, and inventory.
We analyze your data to find meaning in your data
  • Informed Decision-Making: Make informed decisions by extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data, enabling strategic planning and better resource allocation.
  • Visualizations: Make your data more actionable with visualization tools like PowerBI and Tableau.
  • Predictive Insights: Advanced data analytics techniques, such as machine learning and predictive modeling, enable the forecasting of future trends, customer behavior, and market dynamics, aiding proactive strategies.
We support both our own and other vendor's custom software
  • Monitoring: Maintain service level uptime and performance requirements.
  • Software Updates and Patch Management: Stay Secure and Up-to-Date: We manage software updates and patches to safeguard your platforms and maintain optimal functionality.
  • User Training and Assistance: Remote or on-site training for your staff or members.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Ensure business continuity with redudant hosting and backups.
We have leverage Artificial Inteligence in data cleaning to reduce manual labor
  • Automated Data Cleansing: AI-driven algorithms can automatically identify and rectify data inconsistencies, duplicates, and errors, saving countless hours of manual data cleaning.
  • Precision and Efficiency: AI-powered data cleaning tools enhance accuracy and efficiency by quickly identifying and resolving data anomalies, ensuring a reliable and high-quality dataset.
Sometime your applications just need a tune-up. We do that too.
  • Database Tuning: We are experts in database tuning. Whether your database has tens of thousands, or billions of rows, we can help!
  • Scalability and Reliability:: We can help scale your platform for increasing demand. We will upgrade and load balance your platform to meet your member's needs.


Trade Associations

We specialize in efficiently collecting industry trade data to deliver valuable insights to association members. We understand the primary goal of an association is to return value to their members.

Our solutions are focused on secure collection, timely reporting, and compliance with disclosure requirements. We can help you empower your members and stakeholders with invaluable insights for making well-informed decisions.


At Data Honey, we draw from two decades of practical experience in the agribusiness sector, with experience working with nearly all the large chemical manufacturers and retailer/distribution channels.

Our in-depth comprehension of this industry's distinct challenges and opportunities allows us to reliably bring cost-effective solutions to bear on time and in budget. We will be there to support you throughout the season.

Turf and Pest Control

While our company may be young, our leadership's extensive background in the Turf & Ornamental and Pest Control industries has equipped us with a deep understanding of this sector. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to software development, focused on adding cost-effective value to our clients.

We are committed to delivering cutting-edge software solutions tailored to the specific needs of turf and pest control businesses.

About Data Honey

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised

Why Data Honey?

Why Data Honey? Above all things, we will do the right thing.

Data Honey is dedicated to your success by making your complex data needs simpler.

We are a small company with a vision of how to do business better. It all starts with do-the-right-thing. Do the right thing, even when you don’t know how it will come around to benefit you. This means giving advice you believe in, even when that advice can reduce your profits. It means helping an employee grow into their potential, even if that means they grow beyond the company (and you find yourself backfilling).

When everyone knows that do-the-right-thing is the first and most important goal, problems become opportunities. Your staff and your clients will trust you, and your sales and delivery people will become focused in mission everyone believes in.

This rule is how we define success at Data Honey.

What can Datalink™ Excel Collector do for my organization?

Datalink will solve your data collection needs and allow you to focus on deriving meaning and insights from your data.

Datalink gets your data out of Excel and into a database you can access directly.

Our reporting features are great, but keeping you close to the data is how you will maximize your data's value.

What is the technology behind Datalink?

As of 2024, Datalink runs on Microsoft .Net Core and Azure SQL.

If you have Oracle or SQL Server (and an Enterprise subscription to Datalink) and want to host your own data, Datalink will work there, too!

Data Honey is a certified Microsoft Partner.

Should I work for Data Honey?

We hope so!

At Data Honey we focus on autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Starting with the last, our purpose is helping people. We strive to do good work and create opportunities for those who need them. Doing good work is its own reward and making opportunities for those that need them is how a great society and culture is made.

Mastery is intrinsically rewarding. Simply put, people enjoy being good at what they do. Those mastering their trade will have confidence and a clear picture in their head of the outcome they are pursing. Almost by instinct, they might not know the all steps to get there, but will be able to find the path almost on their own.

Autonomy. Autonomy is the freedom to both succeed and fail. It is a belief that constraints and rules should be minimal. Instead, a culture of wise decision making should be the process that governs behavior.

This concept of focusing on mastery, autonomy, and purpose came to my attention maybe 10 years ago. It spoke to me then and still speaks to me today as I develop Data Honey. Check out Daniel Pink to learn more.

For career opportunities, contact us at and any opening postings on LinkedIn.

Where are you based?

Our office:

Data Honey, LLC
950 Windy Rd
Ste 106
Apex, NC 27502

Mailing address:

Data Honey, LLC
201 Aldenwood Place
Apex, NC 27539

How do we get support?

At Data Honey, we believe the customer should be able to speak directly with your team. No complicated phone trees.

When you subscribe, you will be supplied a team support phone number.

Prefer text? No problem.

Can't fit it on a text? Email us at

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